Month: September 2014

Find the beauty in the darkest times.

Shine like the star you are!

Awakening the Cosmic Female Within

When I gaze upon the star-filled sky, I sense the power of the universe as greater than myself. Stark blackness with a smattering of pin-dot stars, pink and yellow glowing planets, the silver moon…all of these sights render me incapable of speech. The Pleiades glowing blue in the winter sky (more…)

Let It Go

Release…then move forward.

Listening for the silence

Stargazing for the Soul: How sky-watching can relax your weary mind

Stars and planets fill our night sky, yet many of us never take the time to observe them. Simply looking at the vast expanse of the universe can open up your perception of reality and calm your soul.

How many times have you been outside at night and never took a moment to look up? In a hurry to get to this place or that, or simply to call the cat in for the evening, most of us do not consider the sky at night. We have our attentions focused (more…)

A longing for home

Gazing at the heavens, one gets a real sense of expansion and connection. The myriad stars, planets, and galaxies open the eyes and the soul to what is real. Our bodies are earth born but our spirits are of cosmic origin. The stars above us are our siblings, the planets our guardians, and the galaxies our schools. In looking at the heavens on a dark night, we feel a sense of longing. This is a longing for home.

In the years between birth and death, (more…)

The novel is being read…yikes

If you are a new novelist, I would love to hear from you on this subject.

I have sent my manuscript to a good friend who is a voracious reader and a great English whiz. She is currently reading my book. I’m both excited and scared. Nervous, even.

But nothing can compare to the nervousness I feel right now.


The autumnal equinox

Today marks the first day of fall, and I couldn’t be happier. The weather here in my part of Georgia is cool and overcast. Just a perfect day for lying in bed, reading and relaxing.

May each of you have a colorful autumn, and may the weather gods smile upon the Southeast and grant us drier air in the coming weeks. 🙂

How to get on with life

This afternoon I was flipping through the September issue of Glamour magazine and read a fabulous article about Betty Halbreich, an 86 year old personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. Having worked in a major department store through the 1980s I found her story quite interesting and could relate to her experiences.

The most impressive part of the article is the final statement. It encapsulates so much truth. I only hope that the next time life tries to knock me over, I will be able to remember these words:

“So that’s how you do it. You get on with life by facing it.”

Thank you Ms. Halbreich. Wise words indeed!<a href=””&gt;IMG_0507.JPG