Insomnia, or, why sleep eludes me

Oh sleep, my fickle friend. Where and why are you hiding from me?

It seems that for the past two weeks I have been neglected by the Sandman. I have had very little sleep, and what sleep I do manage to capture is filled with disturbing dreams. Dreams of my ex-husband and of strange celebrities that I barely give thought to during waking hours. Last week I had one particularly bizarre dream about working with Mike Rowe at a Home Depot store.

Interpretations are welcome. I’m still scratching my head.

It’s past midnight, Mr. LaVeaux is sound asleep and I find myself sitting at the kitchen table typing these words. My cats look at me as if I’ve lost my mind.

Truth be known…maybe I have.

After all, just two days ago I finished writing my first full-length novel, a goal I’ve longed to accomplish for many years. I’m close to finalizing it and hope to have it ready to submit to potential publishers by the end of the year. Just the thought of this makes me realize that I can look forward to more restless nights, more nights spent gazing at the ceiling and trying to quiet the mind.

For now, insomnia, you win. But let’s get my name in print and we shall see who rules the night.

I’ll bet my brand-new pillows the victor will be me.


  1. Been there…. but I have concluded that for the most part sleepless nights are self inflicted. All one has to do is shut down the thoughts that are stopping us from sleeping. I have tried the get up out of bed and read, type or listen to music that normally would put me to sleep, to no avail. I have found that a mantra repeated mentally over and over at the same time focusing my minds eye on some noncritical object works for me, otherwise I would suggest a couple stiff drinks…sleep well!


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