My thoughts turn to fall – and all good things for everyone on Earth

September is one of my favorite months, mostly because it signals the end of summer and the promise of cooler, crisper days ahead. Nothing sounds nicer to someone living in the Southeastern United States than a weather forecast of 70 degrees and low humidity.

Bring it on!

This summer was a whirlwind. Heck, this entire year has been one big blur. I can’t really recall anything outstanding that’s happened this year, with the exception of my completing the second draft of my first novel last week. Now that I’m done with this phase of writing, I can breathe in the coming change of season and finish the final edit.

Fall is a very special time for me. All of the best things in my life have taken place in the fall. I met Mr. LaVeaux in October of 2003 and married him a year later on the anniversary of the day we met. All of the jobs I’ve ever had, including my current one, were attained in the fall. Mr. LaVeaux and I bought our dream house in the autumn of 2009.  And one of my biggest life wishes – to meet Mr. Michael Nesmith, a former member of the 60’s rock band The Monkees – occurred last November after his concert in Atlanta.

Anyone who knows me well knows my life-long admiration of Papa Nez, and I never dreamed I’d ever get the chance to meet him in person.  But I did…just a few miles from the house my family bought in the mid-70s where I first saw “The Monkees” in reruns on TV the year I turned ten. It was a truly surreal moment for me last year to be able to shake hands, speak with, and hug someone I’ve loved for so long.  It is an experience I will never forget.

Needless to say, I welcome the autumn season each year with wide-open arms. It is exciting to anticipate what’s around the bend.  Almost always, the fall season brings with it magical experiences.  What’s interesting is that the book I just completed writing is actually set during the autumn season here in the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia.  I can’t wait to be able to get it out and into the world soon.

Just a few more weeks, and the cool, crisp winds will begin to blow across the state.  I anticipate much magic-making between now and Halloween.

But first, join with me and breathe in the last gasp of summer…then breathe out the anticipation of great things to come.  May September bring you your every wish.


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