Post-novel writing boredom blues…

Here I sit with nothing to do, looking at a computer with unblinking eyes.

Some days I’m so bored I can’t stand myself.  Other days, I’m so consumed by interests that I don’t know what to read/watch/do next.

Part of this, I think, is the “wind let out of the sails” feeling after finishing a huge writing project.  I started writing a novel back in April of 2013 and have been working on it bit by bit over the past year and several months.  Now that the second draft is complete, I’m tempted to get back into it for another revision.  However, I know that the proper thing to do is put it aside and let some folks read it and tell me what doesn’t work and what needs fixing.

I know deep down that my book is riddled with errors, but since it’s fresh in my mind I can’t pick it up again right now to fix it.  My first draft weighed in at 133 pages, just barely a novella.  This second draft ballooned up to a more respectable and novel-like 314 pages. It’s crazy to look at a stack of paper that high and realize that the make-believe world living and breathing on those pages is something that I created out of thin air.  Mindblowing, really.  If you are a writer, or someone with a different creative outlet, I’m sure you know how I’m feeling right now.

In the meantime, I am faced with a quandary.  What to do with my time until the time is right to return to the project?

There are many things that I enjoy doing with my free time, but for the life of me nothing I can think of right now gets me jazzed up enough to go read/watch/do it.  There is a stack of magazines nearly a foot high on the floor by my bed, magazines that have been stacking up as I’ve typed away on my story.  Magazines that are waiting to be read.  We own 1,500+ CDs full of music, yet none of them are calling out to be played.  There are bookshelves full of fiction and history in Chez LaVeaux that I’ve yet to read.  I have my Spanish, French and Danish language materials, as well as Duolingo, waiting for me to return to them.

I imagine walking into a Spanish language boredom support group meeting.  “Hola.  Mi nombre es Echo.  Estoy aburrido.”


How do you snap out of a bout of boredom?  I’d love to hear your tips.

Maybe if I sit here long enough…something will come to me.  🙂

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