Legendary Pink Dots, I am mesmerized

While listening to Doomed on SomaFM a few weeks back, I heard a song that literally stopped me in my tracks.  It was a song entitled “Disturbance” by a band called Legendary Pink Dots.  Now, as a music fiend I’d heard of this band over the past twenty or thirty years or so but I’d never heard any of their songs up until the moment where my ears met “Disturbance” transmitted through a broadband cable.

Oh my.

The best way to describe the song is this: one long, droning, patchouli-infused deep-dive into the psyche.  It’s one of those headphone songs.  You know the ones.  The kind of a song that you put your headphones on to listen in a dark room, your body supported by a million pillows as you breathe in cool air filled with Nag Champa incense.  Yep, that kind.  And since I purchased the song a few days ago on my iTunes account I’ve not been able to stop listening to it.

I’m not a music writer by any stretch, but I have to share good things when I find them.

So, if you like deep, droning, space-out music, give this band a try.  I’m about to lose myself in more of their tracks.  This is the beauty of Internet radio.  When you tune in, you never know what new-to-you eclectic sounds are waiting to be discovered.


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