Diagnosis: boredom

This is a brilliant article that actually boosted my blue mood. 😀

'The Mom' Has Things To Say

I’m working out my notice period at my current office and that doesn’t leave a lot of room to begin long-term or even medium-term projects. Which puts me in the unfortunate position of having not really that much to do and nothing much with which to fill my time. And as The Mom well knows, me and boredom are not a good combination. Not at all.

I need a constant flow of complicated, involved and preferably creative things to do otherwise things take a turn. Fast. I am disruptive on a good day, and need to be doing at least five things at once. This allows my short attention span to remain constantly and consistently focused on something. What’s more is that when I’ve got a lot to focus on, I’m quiet. Or at least, quieter. There is also a distinct lack of loud mournful sighs, less rocking back and…

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