The novel is being read…yikes

If you are a new novelist, I would love to hear from you on this subject.

I have sent my manuscript to a good friend who is a voracious reader and a great English whiz. She is currently reading my book. I’m both excited and scared. Nervous, even.

But nothing can compare to the nervousness I feel right now.

Mr. LaVeaux has just picked up his copy and I feel like climbing under the bed.

I wonder if it’s a mixture of fear and anxiety? Will they like it and think it’s good enough to submit to a publisher? Or will my worst fear come true – that I am not quite cut out for this passion I have for writing?

The nervousness I feel about my husband reading the book is simple. There is a lot of sex in between those pages. Why this embarrasses me is beyond comprehension, but embarrasses it does.

I only hope I can survive this first, full exposure. I feel so naked. So much of myself is spread out all over this novel. It’s just very uncomfortable.

Please drop me a line if you have ever experienced these feelings. I would love to know I’m not alone.

Heaven help me get through this!


  1. Your anxiety is very normal. You spent months, years pouring over those words. They are like children you have carefully protected and now you are releasing them to the scrutiny of others. All writers have insecurities about the thousands of decisions made while raising that “child”. And worry how they will get along with others. (((hugs)))


    1. Oh, thank you for these beautiful words. You are absolutely right, they are like children and up until now I’ve been fiercely protective of them. I appreciate your taking time to share. Peace.


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