A longing for home

Gazing at the heavens, one gets a real sense of expansion and connection. The myriad stars, planets, and galaxies open the eyes and the soul to what is real. Our bodies are earth born but our spirits are of cosmic origin. The stars above us are our siblings, the planets our guardians, and the galaxies our schools. In looking at the heavens on a dark night, we feel a sense of longing. This is a longing for home.

In the years between birth and death, we are given the extraordinary privilege of realizing our place on this planet and our connection with the cosmic.   The various schools of thought we attend to all serve to prepare us for enlightenment and the eventual “a-ha” that awaits those who are ready to open to the truth of existence. Our spirit, the breath of life, the God-ness within, is the conduit through which we learn the tools necessary to further our growth as earthlings. It is through breath that we fuel our cosmic selves, and breath is a source of light.

The Earth is our mother. She births us, sustains us through our lives and receives us at our death. The three dimensional physical body is a gift from Her. Our act of breathing is the divine inherent in us all. It is through breath that we exist. By breathing we experience life as a human being. When breath ceases to exist in the body, the body fades away.

The spirit within us lives on after the body dies, changing from a source of animation to a source of ascension. The spirit rises at death, unrestrained by the confines of a physical vehicle. We at this point are free to reunite fully with our divinity, and in so doing return fully to the divine cosmic material from which our spirit was created. We are all creatures of light. We are God-bits.

The universe is permeated with light. There is light in all things. You and I are light beings. Because of this, nothing can destroy the spirit we possess. As is the case with all energy, the spirit can only change form at death. It cannot cease to exist. All energies change into other forms of energy but they cannot be destroyed. Thus there is truth to the belief that after death life continues to survive throughout eternity. Light is infinite.

But what has this to do with longing for home? Everything, for as we discover simple reality of the self as light, we begin to feel drawn to the universe in a way we’ve never been drawn to anything before in our existence.

As earthlings we face a great deal of difficulty during our lives on the planet. Some come into the world pampered and secure, while others are not as fortunate and find themselves in the midst of poverty. Physical reality sometimes overshadows that of the spiritual. The Earth herself is a planetary classroom where we come to learn how to deal with emotions and distresses as well as enjoy the opportunity to live in a human body. We take the good with the bad, and in doing so we learn what it means to be human. While not all of life’s experiences are fun or enjoyable, even the hard things in life are good for us. They cause us to grow.

Through our lives, we begin to sense there is something missing, a lack of connection to what is our true nature. We strive to find the missing piece of ourselves, and sometimes we lose ourselves in pursuits of pleasure, objects, and people, thinking that the missing piece resides with them. That is not the case. The missing piece of ourselves is our light-link with the heavens above.

Reconnecting with the divine is as simple as looking up into a dark, starry sky and realizing where we are as a race of humans. This grounds us into what is truly real. When was the last time you realized that we are in outer space? Regardless of the crises and obstacles we face, there is something much more to us than the physical. No matter what someone may say to us, we must remember that we are God in human form. We are light. And it is because of this light that we are able to move forward and function here in Earth School.

We need to remember our true light nature. For when we discover the truth about ourselves, we will begin to live as the light-beings we are, and we can’t help but have a longing for home.

When that moment of longing comes upon us we must remember to look up and take solace in the fact that from the stars we have come, and to the stars we will return.

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