Cooking up love

This weekend, my husband and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen together cooking up food for the week ahead. It was a magical time spent preparing food that together we will share over the course of several days. While our iPad and iPhone were
nearby, we didn’t touch them. And it was a tremendously happy thing that we didn’t.

It is amazing how the time we spend cooking together is time we find ourselves bonding even closer together. Neither one of us had a device in front of our faces while we were cooking up love. It was just Mr. LaVeaux and me and pots and pans and ingredients. We spent the entire weekend talking and catching up, and that’s something we haven’t really done much of lately.

We intend to change that for good.

I cooked up some chicken piccata for yesterday’s lunch. It’s one of our favorite dishes and for some reason I get really jazzed just thinking about making it. As I prepared the dish, I performed some kitchen witchery…infusing the food with thoughts of love and adoration for my beloved spouse. I made some buttery couscous and plated our meals. It felt so good, offering a plate full of love to my lover. We shared the meal together while listening to a concert of Jeff Beck and Imelda May. I can honestly say that was one of the best lunch times we have shared in quite awhile.

Next time you find yourself in the kitchen cooking for one or for a whole bunch of hungry folks, take the time to infuse the food with loving thoughts of the ones you are about to feed. And if you have a partner, get in the kitchen with him/her and whip up a recipe or two. You might be surprised at the results.

Happy cooking!

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