Creeping toward an October blood moon

Here it is, the Monday before a Wednesday full moon.  There has been a lot of positive, electric energy swirling around me the past few days.  I can tell that the moon is nearly full just by the way I feel.  Just by the expansive feelings that fill me with joy and expectation.  Even when I don’t know the phase of the moon, my body tells me.  It always excites me to look at my moon calendar and discover that, once again, my body is correct.

Not only is it a full moon on Wednesday but it is also a lunar eclipse.  A “blood moon,” if you will.  Eclipses are magical and they lend extra energy to any magical workings you choose to perform.

As is usual, Mr. LaVeaux and I intend to sit outdoors and welcome the rising full moon, sending out our intentions, casting our spells and letting the candles we light help guide her way up and across the heavens.  This is sympathetic magic and something we do when the weather cooperates.  We are very much moon people.  Our lives revolve around the ebb and flow of moonlight.  We base the magic we perform on the phases of the moon.  As traditional witches, we embrace our Lady Luna.  Now that summer is over and the weather is slowly transitioning into fall, and the mosquitoes are not nearly as fierce, we look forward to sitting under a purple sky, watching the eastern horizon grow bright with the light of the swollen red-orange orb slowly pushing herself up from the surface of the earth like the first shoots of a seedling.

There is just something so awe-inspiring about watching moon rise as the earth turns.

Get out and enjoy the moon this week.  She is reveling in her full glory.  She will bless you if you only let her, so open up your heart and let the moonlight in.


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