Earth and fire by birth, water and air by breath

Astrology is not my strong subject.  I know a little and when I need to know more than the little I do know I use books and websites to figure out for me.  But still.  I’m an Earth sun sign, Fire moon sign, and Earth ascending sign.  You would think that with my double-groundedness and fiery moon that I would be a strong powerhouse of earthy go-getter energy.  How is it I feel so flighty most of the time?  So emotional?  Where in my chart is the Air and Water that I find myself swimming in on a daily basis?

Being born under Earth and Fire signs leaves no room for Air and Water, yet it is in the attributes of Air and Water that I tend to reside most of all.

My head has always been in the clouds.  It’s been mentioned to me over the years by well-meaning people that I tend to always look up at the sky the moment I walk out of a building.  And when it comes to feelings, well, let’s just say that tears can come easy at the right times.  I am an empath by nature, and I see things others cannot see.

At my age, you would think I’d have figured a lot of this out.  But like the double-earthiness of my birth chart, I plod along most times on subjects such as this.  With my eyes on the sky and my nose in the air, sniffing out the latest new thing, I tend to lose myself in new sensations and feelings.

Am I the only one?


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