Yarn: a sure sign of fall

Yesterday, Mr. LaVeaux and I were out on the deck enjoying a brisk afternoon complete with a cloudless, expansive blue sky.  The breeze was crisp, there was low humidity, and while reveling in the first taste of fall my thoughts turned toward yarn.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I like to make things with my hands.  It’s a passion of mine, taking raw materials and making something useful out of them.  I’ve made tons of jewelry, scarves, and pieces of art over the years.  It’s just something I do.  Something that helps to define who I am.

Yesterday I remembered a project I’d started during the ice storm of February earlier in the year.  It was to be a lapghan for me to use this coming winter as I sit here at the computer and work.  The project was nearly complete, as the ball of yarn I’d bought for the purpose was dwindling down to a tiny size.  I retrieved the project and sat out on the deck, working my crochet hook as fast as I could while continuing a deep conversation with my husband and keeping an eye on our girl cat as she explored the outside world.

It didn’t take long until the yarn had run out and I had in my hands a finished product.

There is something truly magical about making something, even something as simple as a crocheted lapghan.  A pair of earrings made of beads and wire can transform a woman’s appearance.  And, if you look closely, the pride in having made them herself is evident in the glow of her countenance as she wears her new creation.  At least I can sense that glow in myself when I model the latest additions to my jewelry box.

Giving a gift that you made by hand is also a magical thing.  You have transformed raw materials into a useful product and not only are you gifting the product itself, you are gifting the time and energy you put into creating the thing.  The recipient knows this and it’s this extra ingredient that makes the gift truly special.

Now that fall has made its presence known, I feel the need to dig into my yarn reserves and pull out my crochet hooks and knitting needles.  Maybe I’ll make a new hat.  Maybe I’ll make another scarf.  Maybe I’ll get adventuresome and try something completely new.

No matter what I end up doing, the time is now to do it.


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