Sleep still eludes me

Oh, the life of a writer…the life of any type of creative person, actually.

When I began this blogging journey nearly a month ago, I had just finished the second draft of a book I’d been writing for a year and a half.  I felt the need to let it sit and pursue a different type of creative expression.  Hence this blog.

Now that I’ve begun my erotica-writing experiment, other ideas for writing projects have been popping into my consciousness.  Ideas I’d never before considered are floating to the surface of my awareness.  Because of this sudden burst of creative insight, my already difficult sleep patterns have been troubled once again.

Last night, Mr. LaVeaux and I lit our full moon candles.  Before bed, we also carved and anointed a small red 50 hour glass novena candle.  You probably know what those are.  They are smaller versions of the 9 day candles that are used in Catholic churches.  Anyway, we set the candle in the shower where the cats couldn’t get to it and then climbed into bed.

The candlelight illumined the bathroom, giving it a peaceful, go-to-sleep vibe.

Maybe it was just my imagination, but with the rising full moon, the red candle aflame in the next room, and the knowledge that come morning the moon would be deep red in color…I found I could not sleep.  Again.  Red energy.  It was flowing powerfully around me all night.

The light from the moon filtered in through the bedroom blinds and I watched it move across the floor as the moon itself glided across the southern sky.  The candlelight flickered as if it was in competition with our Lady Luna.  My mind was awash in ideas, images and words that continued to flow.  No matter what I did or how many times I tossed and turned, I couldn’t get to sleep.

Maybe it’s the creative process, the power a creative person taps that causes this inflow of ideas throughout the night.  Maybe it was the fiery energy of the full moon coursing across the sky toward its eclipse.  I’m not sure, but I do know this.  Somehow, someway, I find myself rested this morning.

And that is a curious thing.


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