Happy 3rd anniversary, Harvey!

I would have posted this on the 5th, which was the actual day I rescued him, but since I just found his baby picture I thought I’d just be a few days late and say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HARVEY!

October 5, 2011 when I had come back to the office from lunch I was informed that one of our staff had discovered some stray kittens behind the building.  I went to look at them and among them sat this little black beauty with just a tiny white smudge across his chest.  He looked at me just like he’s looking at the camera here.  He would not take his eyes off me.  I knew then and there that I had to bring him home.

So I did.

Mr. LaVeaux wasn’t too thrilled by this, but once he held the kitten he had a name for him already.  Harvey.  And it fit perfectly.

It was serendipitous to find a black kitten so close to Halloween.  He is kind of like a little Samhain good luck charm.  There is nothing worse than the myth of black cats being bad luck.  They make the best pets, and they are so playful.  Harvey is a little over three years old and still acts like a baby.

Here’s to our first three years with Mr. Harvey LaVeaux.  May we have many, many more!


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