Oh to recapture a bit of innocence

I ask myself: Remember when the world seemed so immense and life seemed so full of promise?

I ask myself: Remember thinking you could be, do and have anything your heart desires?

I then ask myself: What happened to that part of me?  

I used to believe in unlimited possibilities and in the power of play.

Now I trudge through my life, eking out a living while cobbling together a life worth living.

A part of me still clings to the big “what ifs” of my childhood.

Here I stand today and make these statements aloud to the universe:

  • I want to make a change in my life.
  • I want to reclaim a little of that wonder.
  • I want to recapture a little bit of the innocence of my former little person-self.
  • I want to play again and shed the shell of grown-up-ness.

The question is…how?


Photo found on tumblr.com

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