Protect the black cats

Halloween is fast approaching, and with it comes the good and the bad.

Candy, celebrations, festivities, parties, costumes, magick and spirit communication are all the fun aspects of the holiday.  It’s a great time for letting loose and getting out with friends.

It’s not such a great time for black cats.

My two black cats are indoor-only cats and have been since I rescued them.  I will never let them out to roam on their own.  Mr. LaVeaux and I live in a suburb very close to a major interstate and busy thoroughfares.  It would be irresponsible for us to let them out.  We give them everything they need to be happy, and they seem very content being house dwellers.

If we lived in the country, I wouldn’t be so afraid for them.  But since we are city dwellers, we keep our babies close.

Due to a myth that will just never die, black cats are seen as evil and even considered bad luck.  These animals had no choice in the color given to them, just like you and I had no choice which race we were to be born into as babies.  Just because they have black fur does not in any way impart a sinister, evil personality.  Anyone who has a black cat knows how affectionate and playful they are.  There is not an evil bone in their little bodies.

However, there is a lot of evil lurking around in the darkness, especially on Halloween.  There are evil people who love nothing more than to harm and kill these peaceful and defenseless creatures.

Please spread the word and help save the black cats.  If you share your life with one or many, please keep them inside for the next several days.  Don’t give a twisted human the chance to fulfill some sadistic, evil fantasy.  Keep your pets safe.


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