Month: November 2014

Malcolm X and race relations in the United States

Just this summer I read “The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley.” A dear friend had suggested I take it up. I was warned that it would challenge me.

Did it ever. And all these months later, I still mourn the loss of this brilliant man. (more…)


“…then there’d be peace.” – John Lennon


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It’s your choice. Which do you need?

Allow yourself to accept that which you need.

The universe will provide.

Be open to receive.

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My heart breaks at the pain of the suffering

I feel for everyone affected by the events in Ferguson…so much so that I cannot sleep.

May all be safe through the night.

That is my wish and my prayer.

May there be peace and healing in Ferguson

The verdict has been shared with the world. Please join with me in prayerful thoughts for peace in Missouri and the entire United States of America.

“Happiness is like a butterfly.” – Thoreau

My shoulder has nothing on it to stop a butterfly from sitting upon it.

Is yours free as well?

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A recipe for happiness

Trust me, this works.

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Dolphin love

This story was the first thing I saw this morning while checking my email. It is so heartwarming to hear about people who care about the creatures of this planet. Imagine seeing a baby dolphin stranded on a beach. This man is an angel.

Check out the story here: Australian man saves stranded baby dolphin

Look up, or rather, look out

The universe surrounds us.

We forget sometimes that we are finite creatures on a tiny speck of a planet, hurtling around an average star on the far-flung arm of a spiral galaxy.

Let that sink in for a moment.

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The written word is magic

Read what Dr. Sagan wrote about books.

He’s right.

Reading anything puts you in the mind of the writer.

Look at your books and think of the ones that you enjoyed the most in life.

That writer crafted his/her work just for you.

What a gift.

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