May Tuesday bring you strength and courage

I’m one of those mystical people who honor the deity of the day.  Each day of the week has a planet associated with it, and with each planet there are aspects of the deity that rules the day and imbues it with its own special power.

Tuesday is the day of Mars, and Mars the god brings forth strength and courage, for he is all-powerful.  Long known as the god of war, Mars offers us his powers of justice and might.  On Tuesdays, that power is even more evident.

The element of Mars is fire.  It is this cosmic fire that fuels your need for power in your life.

Here are some simple ways to bring Mars energy into your day:

  1. Burn red candles on your altar
  2. Carry a red stone with you all day long
  3. Say a prayer to Mars and breathe in the strength he imparts to you
  4. Wear a piece of red clothing
  5. Face a fear

Think about Mars on Tuesdays.  Research the gods and learn a little bit more about the deity of Mars and the actual planet itself.  Bring the energies of the planets into your life and feel yourself connect ever deeper with the wonders of the universe.


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