November 2014 Full Moon

This month’s full moon happens on a Thursday, and for magick-makers the world over this is a brilliant thing.  Thursday is sacred to the god Jupiter, and Jupiter is all about expansion and prosperity.  

Jupiter is known as the bringer of joy as well as the keeper of harmony and justice. When a full moon occurs on a Thursday, the cosmic energies are amplified. The full moon during Jupiter’s reign is doubly powerful for any type of abundance magick you wish to work.

Look at your current path and your current goals.  Is there something big and encompassing that you would love to fall into, revel in, achieve?  Have you been working abundance magick during the waxing phase of the moon?  If so, this full moon is the best time to culminate your workings and set some intentions.

Call on the power of Jupiter, burn some blue candles, and breathe in the moonlight at the rising of Lady Luna.  The rising of a full moon is something sacred in itself.  There is nothing quite like observing an orange-red orb slowly move upward from the dark horizon, lightening up to shades of silver the higher she gets in the sky.

As she rolls skyward, allow her golden rays to reach out and embrace you.  Bathe yourself in her light. While you are outside under her watchful gaze, release your wishes to the winds.  The winds will carry your desires, your prayers, your intentions and your ambitions skyward to the heavens.  Luna’s arms are open wide, and like a loving mother she will catch your wishes and hold them tight.

Happy magick making!

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    1. Yes, she is, and I can only imagine how powerful that must have been. To see the gorgeous moon in what I like to call her “street light phase” sharing space with a shooting star…just wow. ❤ 😀 Thank you for sharing that with me! Peace!

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      1. It sounds like you and I will be good friends, Kim, because we have the same viewpoint. There is nowhere I’d rather be on a clear night than outside under the cosmos. Watching the stars move overhead as the earth turns toward the dawn is one of the most beautiful things to witness in life. Throw the moon in no matter what phase she’s showing and it’s just the most perfect church ever. Peace. ❤ 🙂

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