The waning gibbous moon

Late at night she climbs high into the sky, shining down into my bedroom window. Her light caresses my sleeping form, stirring my dreams into peaceful slumber.

Like a loving parent she watches over me, moving silently through the night as the earth turns toward dawn, keeping her attention on my every move as I sleep under her gentle light and soft presence.

Just a few short days after the full phase, the waning gibbous moon teaches us to let go, even just a little. If you look at her between the full and third quarter phases, you can see she is shaving off a little of her reflection night after night, growing smaller as she continues her course through the night sky.

Through this act of shedding, she is teaching us to let go of things that no longer serve us. She is showing us the way.

What are you holding onto that is no longer serving you? Allow the moon to assist you in releasing the old to make way for the new.

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