Pale Blue Dot – Carl Sagan

This morning a fellow blogger commented on my post entitled “Reality” and shared a post about this very thing. Since reading the post I find myself consumed by the “Pale Blue Dot.”

The image of our planet from such a distance is truly mind-boggling.

Check out the post here:

After you read the post, take a few moments and listen to this.  Here is the late Dr. Carl Sagan talking about the “Pale Blue Dot,” our beautiful yet tiny and fragile Planet Earth.

Listen…and love. Always.


  1. Thanks for the link back… Ill listen to this audio once I get home. The pale blue dot picture and the text that goes with it is my all time favourite (non movie) quite, it gives me shivers when I read it.

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      1. I listened to it. Its weird but I had never before today actually heard him say the words, I have only read them myself and he doesnt say it the way i thought he would say it (if that makes sense).

        He had quite a precise way of speaking, he reminds me of Mr Smith from the Matrix. I wonder if Hugo Weaving took influence from Carl?

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      2. I watched his program “Cosmos” when I was much younger. It was broadcast on PBS. His voice was so soothing to me, and the way he presented astronomy was so down to earth. You should look him up online and watch some of his videos. I like that and didn’t think about it, but he does sound a bit like Mr. Smith from the Matrix. Not sure about Hugo Weaving, but it could be possible.


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