It hurts to feel so deeply about everything

Some people have told me that it’s a blessing to be an empath.

I have to wonder.

It is a good thing to be able to connect deeply with another human being and to understand the pain that person is going through. So many people have things going on in their lives that cause suffering. If I can be there, even in spirit, I want to be there. I feel everything, and I care so much about my fellow human beings.

That said, sometimes the pain is too much to bear.

There is too much hatred and violence going on here in this country and all around the world. I try to ignore the news and focus on my personal life, but reality springs up around me and I’m forced to look out of my comfort zone.

Blessing or not, empathy is a big part of what makes me me, and I can’t help but feel pain when I see it. I love people and I love this planet.

Is it possible to love too much?

Photo found on Facebook


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