Make 2015 your year of the moon

Full moons, new moons, blue moons, and blood moons. It seems that the moon is a hot topic of late. Everyone is following it, talking about it, and looking for it in the night sky. More and more, people are beginning to understand astrology and the body’s natural relationship with the ebb, flow, and pull of the moon.

When was the last time you considered the moon? In the daily grind, so many of us become sidetracked by life that we put our spirituality to the side for a time. It’s normal. Everyone does it. It only becomes a problem when we forget to pick it up again. The moon is so common that we tend to forget she is there, hovering above us on a clear night, her light gently caressing the earth while we humans slumber.

As we approach the start of a brand new year, our minds are filled with thoughts of changes we want to make in our lives. Why not make 2015 your personal Year of the Moon? It doesn’t take much to put the moon front and center in your spiritual life. Just a few moments observing the moon either in the morning or evening, depending on which phase the moon is showing, will set you right. After a few minutes under the moon, you will find yourself easing into the natural rhythms that your body needs to function in an optimal manner.

How can bringing more moon energy into your awareness help you in your life?

Spending time under moonlight can calm you and help you to adjust from workday mania into a more relaxed state. The sight of the moon, whether in its crescent phase or full, is calming and soothing to the nerves. When you begin to moon gaze on a regular basis, you will find your body begin to relax naturally. Sleep will come quicker and easier to you after spending time outside under the healing light.

Moon gazing connects you to the natural world around you. If you are fortunate enough to live near the woods, take an evening and lie down on the ground before the trees and gaze up at the moon. Spending time grounded on the earth while observing the sky will center you better than anything else you could possibly do to relax and reconnect. Even if you live in a big city and do not have a yard to go out into, being able to look at the moon through a window helps you to remember you are a part of something more than just concrete and commuter trains.

Looking up at the moon can attune you to the cosmos itself. When was the last time you considered the fact that you are living on a planet? How about the last time you realized that you are a citizen of the universe? Looking at the ever-changing moon will help you to rediscover your cosmic heritage and align your thinking with that of both the moon and the stars. You will find your awareness heightened and your sense of wonder sharpened.

There are many more benefits to moon gazing, but one of the best benefits by far is the benefit of youthful thinking. You will find your mind begins to de-age and grow flexible as you transition into a moon gazing regimen. Your heart will soften and you will find joy. The moon’s energy is playful and light. She reflects the harsh sunlight and softens the evening with a gentle glow. This gentleness soothes away the wrinkles of aging in the mind.

So make this year your Year of the Moon. Start a moon journal. Write down your observations and reflections. Integrate this practice into your daily life, noting the moon phase and how you relate to our planet’s little sister. By the end of 2015 you will have in your hands a treasure of moon memories. It will be a joy to go back through your journal and see how far you have progressed on your spiritual path.

Allow Lady Luna to assist you on your path toward ascension. Feel your spirit soar.

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  1. echolaveaux,
    What a wonderful Article..your Words were so
    Well put together..So Flowing, So wanting
    To Jump into this Mystical Wonder of Our
    Thanks so much for Your Words of Wisdom..
    Your Star Sister,
    Jeanne S…😊

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