The Cold St. Nicholas Full Moon – December 2014

The holiday season is here in full force, and Saturday, December 6 is St. Nicholas Day. What a wonderful day to have a full moon! 

The story of Santa Claus can be traced back to this Greek bishop who gave freely to those in need. St. Nicholas was known as a protector of children, and as such, has been revered throughout the ages in the Orthodox denominations of the Christian faith.

I like the idea that the Father Christmas/Santa Claus story can be based on a real person, someone who was selfless and thoughtful and who selflessly gave gifts to others.

We need more of that in this world, don’t we?

On December 6, Orthodox Christians around the world exchange gifts in honor of the bringer of gifts. And this year, St. Nicholas Day falls right onto a full moon. How cool is that?

December’s full moon is named the Cold Moon, for the winter solstice is just around the corner and the earth is falling into her winter slumber. The nights are growing longer, the days are growing shorter, and the planet is turning toward its dreamtime where the plants and animals sleep and dream of the coming spring.

All is well, even though all appears to be dead. All will be well at the coming of the spring equinox next March.

For now, the earth and all of us on it need our rest.

And more than that, at this cold time of year there are many in need who find it difficult to survive the harsh weather.

This full moon is a perfect time to plan on giving to others; not just your family and friends, but to those in need. Even if you are not a Christian, you can take an example from St. Nicholas and give freely to an organization in your area that helps the poor and downtrodden.

You can help out at a soup kitchen or simply take a moment and talk to a homeless person. Even spending time at a no-kill animal shelter, socializing with the cats and dogs, is a great way to give of your time and your love.

Anything you can do for someone else is a gift that has no price, because it’s the priceless gift of selflessness that touches the heart most deeply.

Even the animals will know and appreciate your kindness.

Use this full moon energy in service to your fellow beings, both human and animal, and reap the holiday rewards of a full heart and a joyful spirit.

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