There’s something captivating about Capricorn…something that I can’t explain

The sun is moving into Capricorn, and on the Winter Solstice the new moon will be in Capricorn as well.

What a great day!

I love Capricorn. Ever since I was a small child, the image of Capricorn has captivated me.

I love the sound of the word, the look of the word, and the sea-goat itself.

I always wanted to marry a Capricorn, and when I met Mr. LaVeaux it was love at first sight.

To my surprise, I discovered that he is a Capricorn.

My wish was granted. ❤

The earth is moving into its coldest months here in the Northern Hemisphere. The Capricorn cold earth energies set my mind toward the northernmost lands of ice and snow, lands where the sky is darkest and the stars brightest.

There is a certain clarity that comes to mind when I think upon these things. It’s this clarity I wish for each of you.

Plant the seeds you wish to see burst forth from the ground this coming spring. Put your thoughts on your desires.

May the Winter Solstice and the cool, Capricorn energy keep you going through these dark nights ahead.

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