Nothing is impossible

If you believe in an idea and believe in the ability to make something happen, then nothing at all is impossible.

That said, begin 2015 with an idea.

Think about what you have longed to achieve.

It doesn’t have to be a huge thing. Even a small thing is a big thing when it’s accomplished.

Forget about setting resolutions for the new year. Instead, focus on something you have dreamed about, something that you have longed to accomplish but never set out to do.

Give yourself permission to believe you will succeed.

See yourself in possession of the thing you most desire.

What is that thing?

For one, it may be learning a new language. For another, it may be meeting a special someone. For someone else, it might be completing a college degree. A dream can be anything that touches you deeply and burns like fire in your belly.

We all have those dreams. Embrace the thing you want, even if it feels impossible to you right now.

Write down your dream, then look at what you’ve written.

Now, think about the steps you need to take to make this thing a reality. Once you have a good idea of the route you need to take to make your dream come true, write the steps down in order from beginning to end.

Sit back, look at your list, and smile.

You have just created a road map to success. All that’s left now is the doing of the thing.

Napoleon Hill once said: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

The time is now, so DO IT.

Remember this as you set out on your journey toward achievement: Impossible is an opinion. Keep the image of your desire in the forefront of your thinking and pretty soon you will find yourself exactly where you have always wanted to be.

True magic happens in our lives when we choose to believe.

Happy 2015!

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