And I had no idea…

Before the end of 2014, I took some time to evaluate my place in life and think about what I wanted to accomplish in 2015. Instead of seeing images of where I wanted to be in twelve months, the first and only thing that came to my mind was my errant thinking.

Yes. Errant.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I attempt to live my life as an optimist. While grounded in reality, I choose to take a more positive approach to life. This way of being has helped me to achieve a lot of things through my many years here on earth.

What I didn’t realize until last December is this: Most of the time, without my realizing it, my mind would fixate on things that were of absolutely no benefit to me whatsoever.

No wonder my book wasn’t ready to be submitted. Instead of focusing on accomplishing my dream goal, I found myself putting all of that energy into other things.

I was completely taken aback by this discovery.

The thoughts were mundane, nothing out of the ordinary, but they kept me walking around in circles. I should have been thinking about this second revision of my novel and visualizing/feeling a publisher saying an emphatic “Yes!” to my submission.

Instead, I wasted valuable time worrying about things I couldn’t change. I worried about friendships that had died (even though it was ultimately for my benefit…the hurts lingered, as did the anger). And worst of all, I worried about money.

Worries are dangerous things. They can keep you locked in situations where you feel there is no way out.

This year, I am catching myself when an old, habitual thought pops into my mind. Instead of diving into old patterns, I’m thinking new thoughts and seeing new results in my mind’s eye.

I know that once I correct the errant thinking, there will be nowhere for me to go except toward the fulfillment of all of my dreams.

My wish is that you, too, will achieve your goals and find yourself in a new and more exciting spot in life this time next year.

Here’s to good, clear thinking!

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