Month: February 2015

In time, it will be

Don’t be discouraged if what you want doesn’t come to you right away.

When the time is right, it will appear.

Find the strength within yourself to wait for the outcome.

What will be, will be.

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This is why I’m an organ donor

Imagine giving another person a shot at living when your own life comes to its end.

This mother heard her son’s heartbeat in the body of the young woman whose life he saved.

This is why I’m an organ donor.

The Words of Byron Katie

Love is.

Be that.

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Wise words from The Dreamer

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Lose yourself in ambience

Steve Roach is one of the world’s premier ambient music artists. His sound worlds are perfect companions for those with a creative bent.

Whether you are a reader, writer, artist, or dreamer, these sound forms are buoyant and carry you deep into your creative space.

If you like cosmic sounds and are looking for music to complement your creativity, try this on for size.

I have a little radio station…sort of

In the midst of the mayhem of my life, I’ve started a new WordPress page. If you like unique, dark and different music…stuff you’d never hear on the radio…why not stop by and check it out.

On “Radio For The Rest of Us,” I plan to share some songs that I’ve come to know and love through the years. You’ll find everything from psychobilly to goth to straight-out rock and roll. What you won’t find is current or more recent Top 40, country or hip-hop.

There is a world of brilliant music that will never make commercial radio. I want to help get the songs out to the world.

If you like alternative forms of music and want to hear stuff you’ve probably never heard before, check it out.

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You are beautiful

Yes, you are. Never forget it.

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Rudy Simone – Drac’s Castle

Such a great song for a moody day.

Fractals and fractures

Fractals are mathematical designs that have no end. They evolve and grow for eternity, spilling and rolling themselves across time and space.

This is similar to daily life as a human being on earth. (more…)