A touch of cosmic consciousness

Imagine being given a glimpse into a reality that is nameless, formless, and difficult to describe. A reality beyond the concept of time, a place of silent awareness.

Imagine living your life with a touch of knowledge broader than any you could have learned from a school or a church. A touch of knowledge you were able to retain after seeing the reality that lies just beyond the knowing.

Imagine not feeling safe or free enough to share this with others.

This is where I find myself every single day. Some days I can maneuver through life as a regular human earthling. Other days, I sense the Other so strongly that I am unable to keep my focus on the mundane.

Lately, I’ve had a lot of those “Other” days.

It’s days like these I sense magick all around me. I sense the many outer dimensions that surround us all. I can see and feel on a deeper level, so much so that I cannot focus or concentrate on anything.

If only I knew someone who has been, seen, felt, and experienced even a tiny touch of this.

To be awake in a world full of sleepers is to be caught within the fringes of the dream.

Where are you, fellow “walkers between the worlds?”

Photo credit: rahkyt.com


  1. It is not a dream, our only reality, throughout life it seems… We’ve long past evolved, found ourselves far, far ahead of simple human experience….

    Myself found trapped between two worlds, not being accepted be any!

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