Fractals and fractures

Fractals are mathematical designs that have no end. They evolve and grow for eternity, spilling and rolling themselves across time and space.

This is similar to daily life as a human being on earth.

We find our lives fractured at times. The pieces come back together, but the pattern of life has changed. As we move forward in time, we find ourselves fractured and repaired over and over again.

We roll and spill ourselves across the landscapes of Terra Firma.

Meditation on fractal images helps me, personally, to remember that I am an eternally evolving bit of energy.

Find a fractal you like and meditate upon it.

Allow yourself to crack and expand when necessary. It’s a bit painful, but at the same time it is necessary for growth.

Stretch your limbs toward the stars, for you are star stuff planted upon the planet. Walk lightly on Mother Earth and honor the divine within your fractured being.

Photo found on Tumblr


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