Month: March 2015

Laugh if they consider you so

I have learned that it’s a lot more interesting to live on the outside of society.

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Dear women around the world, please watch this

I just stumbled upon this and am in tears. Powerful, powerful, powerful.

Dear women of the world, you are worthy.

Taking time when you need the time

It seems like everyone I know is running in circles. Gotta go here. Gotta do this. Gotta run do that.

Sleep? Who has time for sleep, much less rest?

A few days ago, I jumped off that hamster wheel. It got to be a bit too much for me. (more…)


Standing in awe

Sometimes it’s a good thing to pull back away from knowledge and let the imagination soar a little. When you read the words above, do you see the image?

Two lovers kissing and making magic.

There is magic all around us in the most mundane and taken-for-granted things of life.

A tree is magic. So is a rock.

Look at things with your eyes a little out of focus and let your mind follow suit.

See the world around you as if you were a small child encountering it for the first time.

Let yourself fall into a state of awe.

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On being spiritual

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My novel is finally completed

So, why am I dragging my feet on trying to find a publisher?

I have some suspicions that the reason I’m not moving forward on “Velvet” is quite simple. It’s due to the fact that I have to write a synopsis and an outline.

How on earth am I going to condense this novel into a two-page synopsis?

I’ve scoured the web and referred to my many writing books. I see tips and samples, but the images seem to blur when I consider my work. I look at my novel and see a huge pile of white paper with black letters acting out like misbehaving children and taunting me.

“Nah, nah-nah, nah-nah, NAH!”

Maybe walking away from it will make it easier to approach in a week or so. I am exhausted at the amount of time and effort it took to edit the daylights out of it. Four complete edits. Yikes. The thought of doing any more work on it right now makes me cringe.

Oh, the joys of laboring for two years on a novel, only to find yourself stuck and staring in the face of a submission package…

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On being a working housewife

The older I get, the more I become interested in the domestic arts. I consider myself a working housewife. I hold a job and, with Mr. LaVeaux, I maintain a home. (more…)

Finding a perfect world

We all know that Utopia is a fantasy. There is no perfect place in the world. People have long dreamed of finding such a place, but time and again the Utopias turn into anything but perfect. (more…)

On being sick

If illness has ever taught me anything, it has taught me this.

There are times in life where we simply must slow down, acknowledge our bodies, and rest. (more…)