Finding a perfect world

We all know that Utopia is a fantasy. There is no perfect place in the world. People have long dreamed of finding such a place, but time and again the Utopias turn into anything but perfect.

We aren’t happy with what we have, so we buy something else. The joy of acquiring a new object, be it a car or house or wardrobe, doesn’t last. We find something else to crave, to covet, to desire…and in so doing we keep ourselves miserable.

We aren’t happy where we live, so we decide to move to another city or even another country. The euphoria of landing in a new place wears off after a time. What we are left with is what we started with, really.

We are left with ourselves.

Looking within, we can find the perfection we dream of…and this Utopia can become a reality, albeit on a much smaller scale and in a much more realistic way.

What is it that makes you sing? What gets the blood pumping and makes your soul smile?

You can only find these things when you open your mind and look deep inside yourself.

The answers are there.

Create your own Utopia here in the real world by exploring those things that make you rejoice. Whether it is the act of cooking, making art, composing music, crafting with found materials, hiking in the woods, capturing images on camera, road tripping across the land…whatever it is that makes you happy, embrace it and most importantly, do it.

Do it. And do it often.

Pretty soon you will have the life you’ve always wanted, and golly-gosh-darn you didn’t have to move or buy anything to get there.

Dig deep and let your spirit soar!

Photo found on Facebook

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