My novel is finally completed

So, why am I dragging my feet on trying to find a publisher?

I have some suspicions that the reason I’m not moving forward on “Velvet” is quite simple. It’s due to the fact that I have to write a synopsis and an outline.

How on earth am I going to condense this novel into a two-page synopsis?

I’ve scoured the web and referred to my many writing books. I see tips and samples, but the images seem to blur when I consider my work. I look at my novel and see a huge pile of white paper with black letters acting out like misbehaving children and taunting me.

“Nah, nah-nah, nah-nah, NAH!”

Maybe walking away from it will make it easier to approach in a week or so. I am exhausted at the amount of time and effort it took to edit the daylights out of it. Four complete edits. Yikes. The thought of doing any more work on it right now makes me cringe.

Oh, the joys of laboring for two years on a novel, only to find yourself stuck and staring in the face of a submission package…

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  1. Ah yes, very fun things. I think the worse part about writing is trying to cram the heart and soul of your story into a tiny little synopsis. Are you going to publish the traditional route or self-publish?

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    1. I think you are absolutely right. It’s difficult to condense so many words and images into a small, cramped space. I want to attempt traditional publishing but would be happy if I end up self-publishing. Thank you so much for following me! I am following you and look forward to reading your posts. 🙂

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      1. I’m trying traditional publishing too. I’ve spent a lot of time researching all sorts of how-tos, etc – sounds like you have too! I think we’ll all get better at the condensing part as time goes on; I read somewhere that was a mark of a good writer. Ha.

        Have you worked on your query letter at all?

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      2. I’ve not begun writing the query as I’m still feeling “stuck” in the silly fear of simply doing it. Even as I write that, I feel silly. LOL How about you? Have you begun your query? I think you are right…we’ll all get better!

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      3. Yeah, I even posted it up on my blog a week ago to have people critique it. X-) It took me a looooonnnng time to be able to understand what I was trying to do… and I probably still don’t have the hang of it.

        I recommend just sitting down and getting a query on paper. It’s probably going to be crappy the first time around, but that’s exactly the point – it’s just a trial run to break the ice. I think I wrote six different queries for the same story, and then edited then massively a few times after that. Change up the tense. Write in first person (which you’re not supposed to do, but you’ll change the tense later). Really what it does is give you the hang of what you’re doing and make it less scary. Frustrating, yes. But if you start now, it won’t have to be a last minute thing where you realize it’s not done yet. (Like, eh-hem, someone else here…)

        Have you heard of QueryShark? She’s an agent (Janet Reid) that critiques queries and puts them up on her blog for people to see, so they can learn what a good query looks like. She shows the steps and all the edits, even. I know Writer’s Digest has a bunch of advice too.

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      4. Goodness, thanks so much for your advice. You’ve inspired me to finally sit down and do it. I’ll let you know what I come up with. Maybe I’ll get the courage up to put it on my blog! Thanks so much for all your insight and help. MUCH appreciated!

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      5. Will do!! And I do appreciate it. Just have to share this: I pulled up my manuscript this morning and figured out one reason I have been hesitating. I don’t like my first chapter. Need to work on it!! And I have you to thank for getting me back on it. Good luck and let me know when you get a publisher! I’ll keep an eye on your blog. 😀

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