A whirlwind all a’blowing and I’m sitting here thinking “whaaaaat?”

Well it’s been just about forever since I posted anything. Life has a way of keeping me busy.

I bet you can relate. 

Mr LaVeaux and I are about to make our annual trip to Wisconsin to see his family. We’ve had to face a sudden job change situation at his place of employment and need to get away while the getting’s good. 

It couldn’t happen at a better time for me, personally. I need a bit of a vacation pretty desperately!

I sit back and reflect on this insane past week and realize that when I release my burdens to the Cosmos and work on staying in the present moment, I see that things do tend to work themselves out in the long run. 

Hence the impromptu vacation. 

While I am away, I intend to post pictures and share about the places we will go. There are so many things to see and do on a 16 hour road trip. 

Who knows. Maybe I will become inspired to do some travel blogging?

See you on the road. 

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