Live Your Bliss

Several years ago, Mr. LaVeaux and I were shopping at Malaprops Bookstore in Asheville, North Carolina. My eye fell upon a book by Terry Cole-Whittaker called “Live Your Bliss.” I bought it, put it on my bookshelf and promptly forgot about it.

During the last few weeks, I have been working on my spiritual life…getting back in touch with certain aspects of my spirituality that have lain dormant for a time. A few nights ago, I walked to my bookshelf to look for something to read. It was then that I saw this book sitting there between a few other unread titles.

I grabbed it and sat down to read.

Have you ever bought a book, thinking at the time that it would be an incredible read but later found yourself putting it aside for another time? If so, how did it feel when you rediscovered the book and realized that right now was the perfect time to read it?

Pretty amazing feeling, isn’t it?

I am only halfway through this but I can safely say that this is required reading for anyone who is serious about crafting a life of bliss. So much of what she teaches in “Live Your Bliss” rings true for me and makes perfect sense.

Our thoughts do create our reality. Our subconscious is a tool that we can reprogram to make our lives better through thinking clearly and correctly. I’ve used this in my life over the years and have created the life of my dreams.

Am I a millionaire? No. Do I have every material thing a person could ever want? No. However, I do have a loving mate, a fulfilling job and a beautiful home…all from thinking correctly and working toward attaining the things that I truly desired.

Yes, this stuff works.

Some people think that positive thinking is a bunch of hogwash. I tend to disagree. If you think good thoughts and strive to live a positive life, you will find that things tend to flow a bit better than if you live in negativity.

Yes, we live in this world with all of its problems. Yes, our lives have rough patches that we have to navigate from time to time. But when you can begin to look at life with a different way of seeing, you will begin to notice that life moves with much more grace when you allow yourself to live your bliss.

The book is deep and serious. Sometimes I need to put it down after reading a few pages just to digest what I’ve learned. To me, this is a good thing. We need to take the necessary time to let new ideas gestate in our consciousness. This book is everything I need right now in this stage of my life. If you are looking for an inspirational self-help book, may I suggest this one?



  1. This was quite encouraging, I know I can tend to focus on negative, not sure if I am fully convinced of the power of positive though, but I am keeping an open mind for sure.

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    1. An open mind is so important, and I am happy that this post encouraged you. It took me many, many years to be able to see how my thinking was creating my life…still there is so much to learn. Thank you so much for your comment. I wish you peace on your path. ❤

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