Month: July 2015

A first-time novelist’s conundrum

Well, I’m happy to publicly announce that my novel, “Velvet,” is completed and ready for publication.

The problem lies in this one question. What on earth am I to do next? (more…)

Blue Moon – July 31

To those who live by Luna, here’s a chance to take advantage of another July full moon. Don’t miss it!

Photo found on Facebook.

It’s still a planet to me

This is the very first photo of the former planet, Pluto.

I looked up the distance from Earth to Pluto and must admit, I’m actually a bit speechless. (more…)

Satellites in the sky

Have you ever been outdoors as twilight fades into darkness? If so, have you ever looked up at the heavens to see the stars and planets pop into view? Beautiful visual, isn’t it?

Now, have you ever taken time to sit and watch for satellites as they pass by overhead? No? Well, let me tell you a little about this hobby of ours.  (more…)

When the fuel runs out and your batteries are low

Seems that most of this year I’ve been running on fumes.