Satellites in the sky

Have you ever been outdoors as twilight fades into darkness? If so, have you ever looked up at the heavens to see the stars and planets pop into view? Beautiful visual, isn’t it?

Now, have you ever taken time to sit and watch for satellites as they pass by overhead? No? Well, let me tell you a little about this hobby of ours. 

In the cooler months, when the skies are clearer, Mr. LaVeaux and I like to go out on our deck at nightfall and await the heavens to open up before us. There is nothing quite as awe-inspiring as watching the tiny pin-dot ice chips appear on a blackened purple blanket of night sky.

We sit back and let our eyes focus on one part of the sky for a time. Usually within a short white, it happens.

We spot a satellite.

It’s fun to think that what we see might be a UFO, but we know better. There are so many satellites in orbit around the earth that more often than not, the tiny dot of light way, way up there is a product of humans on earth. After the sun sets in the evening, it becomes rather easy to spot them.

They tend to be a bit brighter in the western sky and fade out as they move toward the east and away from the western horizon. Makes sense as the earth is turning away from the sun.

Spotting satellites brings out the inner child in me…the child inside that grew up surrounded by paranormal events squeals with glee at the sight of a passing dot in the sky. No, this isn’t a UFO, but it’s just as magical a sight to behold.

At least with these, there is no fear of a close encounter. 😉

Next time you are outside after dusk, find a place to sit back and observe the sky. You might just see a satellite cruising by on its lonely orbit around the earth.

And maybe, just maybe, you might see something else. There is magic all around if only we are willing to sit back and watch.

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