A first-time novelist’s conundrum

Well, I’m happy to publicly announce that my novel, “Velvet,” is completed and ready for publication.

The problem lies in this one question. What on earth am I to do next?

The idea of self-publishing on Kindle scares me, but I’m scared more by the prospect of sending out submissions to book publishers.

Part of me wants to go independent. Another part of me wants to try a traditional publishing house.

The biggest part of me is just relieved to be done with this thing.

Twenty eight months in the making, “Velvet” is at its heart a love story. Set in the mystical city of Savannah, Georgia, it’s the story of one woman’s redemption. Filled with magick, a slew of colorful characters, and featuring the city itself, this is a book that I’ve long wanted to read. It’s the kind of non-traditional, non-formulaic romantic novel aimed at women of a certain age.

My age.

As I figure out the route in which to take this book, I will post updates here for those who may be interested.

For me, the excitement is like giving birth to a baby. I’m ready to present my baby to the world.

Now, to figure out which way to accomplish this goal.

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