As the moon wanes

The full moon is a wonderful time for completion and fullness of being. It is also the time to experience the absolute magick of a sky charged with lunar energy. The big, bright moon rising after sunset is always a sight to behold. Orange-red at first glance, she rises slowly above the horizon, fading to shades of yellow before revealing her beautiful and silvery face.

Mystics, magicians and witches the world over celebrate her beauty. Much magick and meditation happens on the night of the full moon. There is a lot of crackling energy to be felt, if only we take the time to feel it.

And most of us do.

After the night of the full moon, most of us tend to go back to our regularly scheduled lives and forget about Lady Luna until the time a new moon arrives…or later yet, the next full moon.

What about the moon during her waning phases?

There is much to celebrate each night as the moon shrinks.

So much.

There is energy to be found in the sky as the moon rolls toward conjunction with the sun. It culminates when her face is hidden from sight for that one, lonely “new moon” night.

During this time of the waning moon, it is a good idea to think about things that you need to remove from your life. They can be simple things. Maybe you have been meaning to clean out your closets and dresser drawers. Now is a great time to free up space in your home, to release the unwanted and unneeded things you’ve been holding onto out into the world to be loved and appreciated by someone else.

Maybe you have been struggling with a difficult relationship, maybe a friendship that isn’t so friendly anymore. This would be a good time to release that person from your life. There are many ways to accomplish this. Seek inside for the answer your soul would give you.

On a different note, maybe there is something you need in your life and things just don’t seem to be going your way right now. That could be a job, a relationship, money, or anything else that is lacking in your life. Waning moon energy is a good place to start meditating for the removal of all blockages and obstacles keeping you from those things you need. Cast spells to remove the barriers. Feel yourself receiving your needs. See yourself in possession of them. By the time the new moon rolls around, bringing new beginnings, you will be in the mindset to receive those things which you desire.

There are so many ways to use this lunar energy.

As the moon rises later and later each evening, you will discover her burning bright into your windows in the wee hours of morning, lingering in the sky as morning moves toward the afternoon. She will be slimmer, leaner, carving away those aspects of your life and mine that need to be shed.

Fall into her embrace.

Look for her in the morning and, if you catch a glimpse of her, offer a prayer of thanksgiving. Open your heart to receive. All it takes is belief to work magick and get results. Believe in yourself and believe in the moon. Magick is real.

It can happen.

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  1. Crime is always higher on the full moon nights. It’s a curious and unexplained phenomenon. My theory is that, because hormonal cycles follow lunar cycles, it could be that our hormones spike on the full moon, causing us to be that little bit more aggressive.

    It makes sense that we have evolved this way, if you think back to archaic humans in a time when there was no artificial lighting, full moon nights would have been the perfect night for hunting or reproduction.

    Just my thoughts anyway,

    JC Axe

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