My first novel is live on Amazon

It happened overnight.

My first novel, Velvet, went live for purchase on I’m equal parts excited, scared, nervous, elated, relieved. Anyone who’s ever written a book knows this feeling, this mixed bag of emotions.

I just never knew it would feel so frightening to release a three-year project out into the world.

This is a story of love, loss and redemption wrapped up in a mix of magical realism and romance, all set in the historic city of Savannah, Georgia. This book was written for anyone over 40 who has ever lived through a divorce and thought they would never find love again.

No matter how old you may be, it is possible to find true love. (And…a little hocus-pocus never hurt a soul.)

You may click here to purchase and read Velvet by Echo LaVeaux

Please enter the magical world of Velvet…

Velvet Riverstone is forty-something, lonely and creating a post-divorce life in the coastal Georgia city of Savannah. On her own for the first time ever, she works with long-time friends Jane and Electra at their occult bookstore on River Street. Reveling in her new-found freedom, Velvet is learning to enjoy her own company.

Her friends decide that she needs a mate, so they give Velvet a tattered spell book and ask her to consider making magic. Skeptical at first, Velvet decides to cast a spell for love. On Halloween night, as the clock strikes midnight, she performs the spell.

Shortly thereafter, she finds her world turned upside down when she meets Nigel Blackmore, a older handsome and enchanting stranger from London, England.

As Velvet and Nigel revel in the bliss of new love, Velvet’s abusive ex-husband Mark arrives from Atlanta and intent upon wooing her back into his life. He pursues her with a vengeance. Velvet refuses his many requests to come home, knowing that he will kill her if given the opportunity.

In a desperate attempt to prove her bravery and to protect the new man in her life, Velvet confronts Mark one last time on the bank of the Savannah River.

In the end, love wins.

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