The soft, sweet impulse of springtime

In the Deep South, spring tends to come early each year. By late February in my area of the world, the trees start budding and flowers begin peeking out from the earth.

It’s a beautiful time to be alive, to watch the world awaken, to watch nature emerge from its winter slumber.

Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons.

There is an impulse…a soft but sweet one that I sense at the vernal equinox, a gentle impulse to clean and organize and straighten out life. This is true not only for my home, but for my thoughts and goals and dreams.

After a winter spent indoors, patiently awaiting the warmth, I tend to get bogged down with ideas and mental clutter.

Do you feel the need to put your inner-most self into order at this time of the year?

Lately, I’ve been considering the things that matter most to me. Do I really need to dwell on missed opportunities? Do I need to create long to-do lists that really have no purpose other than to keep me busy?

And that brings me to this question. Why do I feel the need to stay busy? The impulse of springtime is telling me to slow down. Observe. Enjoy the rebirth of the earth and just be one with the elements.

So, next time I feel the need to go do something, anything, to pass the time, I think I’ll take a mug of tea outside and sit by the woods.

I think I’ll choose to be.

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  1. This is excally how I am feeling,
    Keeping busy, well after you expressed
    Your feeling on just be outside
    and enjoy nature, how enlightening,
    A way to look at our lives..
    Thank you echolaveaux, for bring
    This to my attention..
    Jeanne S..

    Liked by 1 person

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