Velvet: another excerpt from Chapter One

We walked up to Bay Street and headed for Market Center.

People stared. It wasn’t every day you saw three forty-something women in such a strange assortment of costume. Here we were, a Goth, an African princess and an overweight female Bowie. We were the walking definition of a motley crew.

When we approached Pep-O-Roni’s a loud whistle flew out from the doorway. I looked up and there was Dee in his standard tie-dye tee, waving with abandon. I waved back. He turned and headed back to the other side of the counter.

At least he was still alive. Some folks you meet in life, you just never know how long they’ll be with you.

But the issue at hand was not my pizza-making friend.

( You may read more and purchase a copy at: Velvet by Echo LaVeaux )


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