Yes, I did. I traded sugar for sleep.

It’s been a heck of a journey, but over the past ten months I have shed over fifty pounds of excess weight. The biggest change of all? I gave up sugar. All sugar. Anything that the body processes into sugar found its way to the garbage can.

No more simple sugar carbohydrates for this chica.

Without getting into the details or covering the eating plan I undertook, I’d rather talk about one of the biggest benefits I’ve discovered since losing the weight.

The beauty of sleep.

Before I started dropping weight, I would have fitful nights with little rest. Sleep was elusive, and I suffered daily from the consequences of too little sleep. I would wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back into dreamtime.

To put it bluntly, I was a mess…and sugar was a prime culprit.

Now, all these healthier months later, sleep comes natural to me. It lights upon my shoulder like a butterfly in the evenings…especially on the evenings when Mr. LaVeaux and I spend time on the deck and under a star-filled sky. It falls upon me like gentle rain after I’ve had a shower and am relaxing with a magazine. It comes to me, enticing me to slip between the covers and drift away into another dimension…another space. Here is where I find the ultimate refreshment.

The beauty of sleep.

To those who have never had a weight problem, this may seem like a silly post. But if you are like me, you understand what a good night’s sleep means to a person who so desperately needs it and can’t ever seem to find it.

These days, as soon as I get into bed and my head hits the pillow, I find sleep tugging at me, gently nudging me to turn off my mind and fall into the space within, that beautiful and creative space of the dream world. The bliss of entering sleepy time is a gift, a gift stolen from me for so long by the substances I had been consuming.

Sugar…I’m looking at you.

Sleep is something I do not take for granted. By ridding my body of sugar I’ve been able to  sleep again. This is a gift, and it truly is a beautiful thing.

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