For those who prefer a printed copy…

Ask any indie writer and you will get the same response.

Self-publishing is a lot of hard work.

First, you write the book. Then, you edit it. Finally, you polish it up and get it ready for publication.

Whew! The journey was long, but the satisfaction of completing and releasing my new novel makes all the hard work feel so worthwhile.

This story is dedicated to all the women of a certain age who have lived through divorce and hope to meet a new love.

It is possible.

It happened to me in real life, and it happened to Velvet Riverstone in my book. If you like strong female lead characters who have a mystical band of misfits as friends, I believe you will connect with and like Velvet.

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed the writing process. You may check out the link below for a paperback copy. Thank you for your interest, and may your life be filled with love!

Velvet, now in paperback!



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