The Magic of Intent

A lot can be said about intentions. We make them, we have good ones, and we hope that the intentions of others aren’t bad or negative. We talk about doing this, wanting that, hoping for an outcome that will be to our benefit. We may even write down some goals and hope that they will somehow come true.

Have we ever stopped to think about just what an intention is? About how to intend?

Better yet, have we ever stopped to realize that there is magic in intention?

There is, and in fact, the statement of intent is where real magic lies. 

When you formulate a thought, you are creating magic. When you have a dream, a goal, an idea in mind, you are creating magic. Simply putting the thought out into space is the beginning of creation. It is the beginning of magic.

Think for a moment of something you desire in your life. Do you have an image in your mind? Good. Now, visualize yourself in possession of that desire…in the accomplishment of that goal…in the creation of that idea.

Hold that thought. How does it feel? Can you visualize this? Can you see yourself in possession of this one single thing?

If so, this is great news. This means that you can see deeply through the power of your imagination.

This type of seeing is the beginning of being, doing, having, achieving, and creating. Being able to see yourself in this way is the starting point of creating real magic in your life. After seeing, you need to feel. Let yourself feel the joy of achieving something special in your life. The next steps are the planning and working stages. Once you have the image in your mind, you have laid the foundation toward making change in your life.

It all begins with the power of intent.

Set your intention, no matter what it may be. See yourself reveling in the idea. Visualize success. FEEL THE JOY. Then, take the first steps toward making your vision into a physical reality. The process is simple and can be listed in a few short steps:

  • Develop a desire – dive down deep within and discover what it is that you truly want
  • Visualize yourself in possession of the desire – see deeply
  • Feel yourself in possession of the desire – feel fully the joy of accomplishment
  • Create a plan to achieve that desire – write down the steps necessary, then go for it!
  • Work the plan – check off each step toward achieving your goal
  • Achieve and celebrate – revel in the magic you have made in your life

If we as the whole of humanity could all see that the thoughts we think are sparks of magic – that we can make good things happen instead of bad – imagine how much happier and better the entire world would be?

(*The very act of creation begins with an intention. Whether we are conscious of this or not, the intentions we set bring about the world in which we live. Granted, in many instances, the world around us is typically not conducive to our creating the life of our dreams. There are wars, famines, strife, unrest…and these things touch every corner of the globe. Some of these things can be overcome, and yet some of these things cannot be fought but must instead be tolerated and lived by so many people. It’s a tragic situation. I wish there was an answer for this, but I have yet to find it.*)

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