Velvet: at Johnny Mercer’s Gravesite

From Chapter Twelve of the new novel, Velvet.

“It didn’t take me long to get to the cemetery. I rolled in through the gate and down the lane toward the Mercer family plot. The sky was overcast and its greyness matched my mood. Never had I felt such fear in my life.

The feeling of fear was too much to bear.

I pulled in and parked the car then waited a full fifteen minutes before deciding it was safe to get out.

The gravel crunched under my feet as I headed down the path toward Johnny Mercer’s grave. I sat down on the bench and looked at it.

“And the angels sing” was carved into the stone that lay atop him.

I wished the angels were singing to me right then. All I could hear and feel were the angels of death moaning in pain, a terrible thumping pain that matched the ache in my heart.

The wind caught in the trees and at once all of the Spanish moss seemed to fly, waving like flags across the cemetery property. A cold chill captured me, and I shivered.

A hand landed on my shoulder. I jumped up and when I turned around, I stood face to face with my worst nightmare.”

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