Vintage Gothic, the blog

My good friend Shari has published a new blog called Vintage Gothic. It’s a beautiful place to learn about the Gothic lifestyle.

If you are like me, an Elder Goth, you will be thrilled with this blog. If you are interested in life from a Gothic perspective, then Vintage Gothic is the place for you.

Enjoy shopping? Well then, check out the Vintage Gothic Shoppe while you’re there. On this page you will find a great selection of tarot card decks, books, spirit boards, jewelry, statuary…so much yummy Goth goodness in one spot!

Shari does tarot card readings and I must say, she’s spot on. I just purchased my first ever tarot reading and Shari nailed it for me. Thanks to her, I have the guidance I need in relation to my writing career. Right now, she’s running a $5 reading special but you’d better hurry! The price goes up on June 1, 2016.

Please stop by and give the blog a look. I think you’ll be enchanted…and that is an excellent thing indeed. Vintage Gothic

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