The Merfolk

For the past several years, I have been drawn deeply to the mermaid myth.

The idea of a race of half-human, half-fish beings who live and love under the deep blue sea is such a marvelous thing to consider.

Are mermaids and mermen real? And while we’re at it, is anything real…really?

I think that in the imagination, magic lives and breathes and creates special worlds where we can run to escape life when it gets just a bit too much to handle. Bookstore shelves are evidence of that. Go into any bookstore and see the vast selection of fiction books available. Each is a world within itself, a slice of life just waiting to be experienced. Sometimes books become alternate realities for us to explore. As long as we visit these worlds for a short time, whether in books or in our imaginings, we will be alright. Spending too much time in alternate realities can cause problems for us in the long run…especially those who, like me, tend to revel in the imagination.

We might begin to question reality itself. Is this world real, or is the world within my mind where reality lies?

I can admit it. As one who is approaching the mid-century mark, I can honestly say this is still so very true for me.

Now, before I am criticized as being a little to airy-fairy and ridiculous, let me say that when it comes to mythological beings I have both a healthy skepticism and a childlike thirst for experience.

Hence, the mermaid.

The last time Mr. LaVeaux and I visited the ocean, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the merpeople. I wondered for a time if they could hear me, see me, feel my thinking about them the way some in the waking world can pick up on me telepathically.

Silly maybe, but the thoughts were serious.

Do the merfolk frolic near the shore or deep in the vast mountainous regions of the darkest ocean realms? Do they care about humans or prefer to stay hidden with their fishy friends?

Or, as science tells us, are mermaids just a flight of fancy? Are they truly just an idea spawned by delirious sailors of yore whose imaginations went wild during those long and drawn out sea-faring journeys?

I don’t know and will never know. For the time being, I choose to enjoy the idea and play in the world of the imagination. After all, this is where books are birthed. I can’t wait to share with you the story I’m writing at this moment.

When it comes time to publish, I hope you will play in this new imaginary world with me.

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