Velvet: An Excerpt from Chapter Two

From Chapter Two of the new novel, Velvet:

“Loose gravel crunched under my tires as I pulled in to the parking space in front of my townhouse. I killed the ignition and loaded shopping bags onto my arm. The keys jangled in my hand when I pulled the car door shut.

Turning toward the townhouse, I saw something sitting on the welcome mat. It made me stop in my tracks. There on the front step was a package. It sat there like a cat waiting to be let indoors.

The box surprised me and seemed innocent at first glance. It was just a box, nothing more than that. I hadn’t ordered anything, so what was it and how was I to know that if I opened it the contents wouldn’t turn my life upside down?

I’d told Pandora she wasn’t allowed back into my life. The last time she appeared it was through an unsuspecting box like this.

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