Raised on rock and roll

I will admit that yes, I am old. But being old doesn’t mean my ears are dead.

It’s been nearly twenty years since I last listened to commercial radio. Once the rock stations began playing music that was decidedly not rock and roll, I decided to find my music elsewhere.

Contrary to popular belief, rock is not dead. Even though it has left the airwaves, it still lives and breathes underground. Today it can be found just about anywhere, but you have to dig for it. It’s lurking out in the far flung reaches of the Internet. It thrives in local venues across the globe.

But still…the memory of turning on the radio and hearing the latest track from my favorite rock artist is something I miss.

The bands depicted in the above photo ruled the airwaves at one point in time. These acts were true musicians and didn’t need AutoTune to make their voices bearable to listening ears.

Long live rock and roll.

Photo credit: napaonline.eu


  1. Yeah I agree with you that it’s s hard to find good rock n roll. But it’s out there and you just gotta dig for it. The good news is all those bands you listed still live on records and CD’s. I still enjoy the stuff I grew up on. It gives me great, great pleasure. And if a newer band comes along (e. g., Black Keys, Jack White) to pick up the baton, bonus.

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